Gel Enhancements

Gel Enhancements

Being an expert nail extension technician, Antonia Guerra can offer you a great makeover for your nails. Yes, it is true. When you visit Foxy Lady Makeup Artistry, you will not only get a new look for your face but for your nails as well. She is a qualified professional of gel nails extensions in Perth. You can also have her service in Embleton, Morley and Inglewood.

What Is Gel Nail Extension

Like the acrylic nails, the hard gel is also a nail enhancement. However, unlike those acrylic nails, this one can get the final shape and look in a UV light. It is not a gel polish or soft gel; rather it can be settled on your nails and sculpted to get the desired shape.

This is the latest trend in nail extension or nail art industry which helps the fashion loving women to get a new and gorgeous look for their nails.

Foxy Lady Makeup Artistry

Best Service For Your Nails

At Foxy Lady Makeup Artistry, you can get the best treatment for your nails when you come here for gel nail care and extensions. We know what the right method is of treating your nails with this gel extension.

Please feel free to call us and book your time with our nail extension experts.